Cape Verdean Blues reviewed
Publishers Weekly

Artist Statement


“Every Year Trying to Get My Body Right”
Lenny Letter

“Strology Scorpio”
Lenny Letter

“Strology Taurus”
Lenny Letter

“Self on the First Date”City of Notions:
An Anthology of Contemporary Boston Poets, July 2017

Virginia Quarterly Review

“Something African with a K” RHINO Poetry “Let” is featured in the Mass Poetry Raining Poetry Project
+ displayed at Boston City Hall as part of the Mayor’s Office of Arts + Culture Initiative

“When I Say I Want a Baby”
Colorado Review

“Self on the First Date”
The Atlas Review

“flush past the ferry”
some mark made

“tone’s posture”
some mark made

“big sun coming strong through the motel blinds”
No Tokens Journal

“re the dentist and his new family”
The Awl

“Your Eyes Blink Five-Minute Miles”
the minnesota review

“Deniz” — PANK Magazine

“Simone” — Sundog Lit

“GPS” — A Bad Penny Review

“33” — A Bad Penny Review

“And I Know That She Feels Beautiful”
A Bad Penny Review


March 7-10, 2018, Tampa, FL

AFROHAUS Brunch, Airbnb:
December 10, 2017, Los Angeles, CA

Non-Standard Lit Reading Series:
December 3, 2017, San Diego, CA

Out of the Mouth and Into the Fire:
Jack Jones Presents Black Women Poets Reading
from the Body: October 25, 2017, Los Angeles, CA, NoHo Plaza, 9pm


Allison Conner


Amanda Choo Quan


Bennington College, MFA 2017

Writers’ Room of Boston Fellow, 2017

Women Making History

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