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you can pre-order my poetry collection Cape Verdean Blues here! coming march 2018, university of pittsburgh press.

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“Every Year Trying to Get My Body Right” — forthcoming in Lenny Letter

“Strology Scorpio” — forthcoming in Lenny Letter

“Strology Taurus” — forthcoming in Lenny Letter

“Self on the First Date” — City of Notions: An Anthology of Contemporary Boston Poets, July 2017

“Liberation” — Virginia Quarterly Review

“Something African with a K” — RHINO Poetry

“Let” is featured in the Mass Poetry Raining Poetry Project + displayed at Boston City Hall as part of the Mayor’s Office of Arts & Culture Initiative

“When I Say I Want a Baby” — Colorado Review

“Self on the First Date” — The Atlas Review

“flush past the ferry” — some mark made

“tone’s posture” — some mark made

“big sun coming strong through the motel blinds” — No Tokens Journal

“re the dentist and his new family” — The Awl

“Your Eyes Blink Five-Minute Miles” — the minnesota review

“Deniz” — PANK Magazine

“Simone” — Sundog Lit

“GPS” — A Bad Penny Review

“33” — A Bad Penny Review

“And I Know That She Feels Beautiful” — A Bad Penny Review



Out of the Mouth and Into the Fire: Jack Jones Presents Black Women Poets Reading from the Body:
October 25, 2017, Los Angeles, CA, NoHo Plaza, 9pm

Non-Standard Lit Reading Series:
December 3, 2017, San Diego, CA

AFROHAUS Brunch, Airbnb:
December 10, 2017, Los Angeles, CA

March 7-10, 2018, Tampa, FL


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Bennington College, MFA

Writers’ Room of Boston Fellow, 2017

Women Making History


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