i’ve a poem hanging on the walls
of city hall as part of the Mayor’s Office of Arts & Culture Poetry Program
in Boston. chosen by the city’s poet laureate, danielle legros georges,
“Let” will be displayed for six months by the sixth floor south elevator.

in and out

“When I say I Want a Baby, You Say You Miss Me That Much Too” forthcoming in Colorado Review

“Self on the First Date” forthcoming in The Atlas Review

“flush past the ferry” — some mark made

“tone’s posture” — some mark made

“big sun coming strong through the motel blinds” — No Tokens

“re the dentist and his new family” — The Awl

“Your Eyes Blink Five-Minute Miles” — the minnesota review

“Deniz” — PANK Magazine

“Simone” — Sundog Lit

“GPS” — A Bad Penny Review

“33” — A Bad Penny Review

“And I Know That She Feels Beautiful” — A Bad Penny Review

in dublin, ireland on march 4 at the winding stair bookshop
for the some mark made launch. 6pm.

bennington college MFA ’17

words that are not poems

kendrick lamar x shauna barbosa

women making history

barbosawriting [at] gmail [dot] com